About Fer-Real Foods

What started as an experiment with fermenting pickles in Avrumi Grossberg’s kitchen, quickly morphed into something much bigger. Unaware of the health benefits of fermented foods, Avrumi found the concept of making his own fermented pickles exciting and the results surprisingly delicious. After some time, several batches, and various fermented vegetables however, he began to feel a difference in his health and energy. The incredible changes Avrumi personally experienced in overall well-being led him to introduce this traditionally preserved food to family and friends.

Feedback was enthusiastic. The health benefits were noticeable and the taste uniquely flavorful. It was time to make this age-old super-food more widely available. Fer-Real Foods was born.

Several years and hundreds of batches later, Fer-Real has become synonymous with healthy eating.

Fer Real is passionate about “real” food, believing that ideally, the nutrients our bodies need should come primarily from the food we eat. Fer Real believes that food should be good for your health and good for your palate.

Avrumi has received countless testimonials from customers who’ve incorporated Fer-Real Foods into their diet. Fer-Real foods have made a noticeable difference in so many ways, treating skin conditions like eczema and psoriasis, digestive issues like acid reflux and H. Pylori, intestinal tract issues like Crohn's disease, and ulcerative colitis, and so much more.

Today, Fer-Real is still learning, developing, and creating new health foods. Avrumi Grossberg personally oversees production, ensuring all Fer-Real foods maintain a high standard of quality. Most importantly, Fer-Real’s commitment to producing healthy, great-tasting products remains unchanged.






non GMO


Glutan free


Small batches


Sugar free


I started drinking your Borscht postpartum to try to get back to myself, and I noticed my baby finally started having daily bowel movements…a great side benefit! It also helped me gain back my energy.
Malka Teller