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Sea salt



For almost three years, my kid has been dealing with eczema. We tried everything, many creams, and therapies, even contemplated a trip to Switzerland. Three weeks ago, we discovered Fer-Real fermented vegetables & beverages, and we’ve already seen amazing results. He looks so much better!
Rachel Klein


Nurture your health. Please your palate.

Good for your gut

Fermented foods contain the most effective probiotics, supporting healthy gut bacteria and overall well-being.

Safe and effective

The most efficient way to restore balance to your digestive system, fermented foods are safe for anyone at any stage.

Packed with vitamins

Fermented foods are naturally rich in vitamin C, B, calcium, iron, zinc, K2, enzymes, fiber, and healthy probiotics.

Naturally delicious

Using natural ingredients and traditional fermentation processes, our products are distinctly flavorful.

Beneficial for digestion

Adding fermented foods to your diet will strengthen your digestive system, helping you process the other foods you eat.

Easy on your stomach

Lactic acid produced during fermentation makes our vegetables easy to digest, even for sensitive eaters.






non GMO


Gluten Free


Small Batches


Sugar free

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My son suffered from pandas. He was constantly on antibiotics, always feeling terrible, and he wasn't gaining enough weight. We tried many vitamins and different methods. I knew we needed to do something more, but I was lost! I had no idea how to proceed. Then I heard about fermented vegetables. It sounded too good to be true, but I had nothing to lose. I have to say, I’m amazed at how quickly it worked! My son started feeling better after only a few days and he hasn't taken antibiotics since. Your products are not only delicious, but they are also highly beneficial to my child.
Devora Goldman


Pure, natural and delicious


Raw and unpasteurized

To preserve the enzymes and unique strains of probiotics found in fermented foods, we don’t pasteurize our products.


Natures Best

Our products are 100% lacto-fermented and contain NO vinegar or sugar.


Saltwater brine

We use only pure, mineral-rich, unrefined sea salt in our proprietary recipe for fermentation.


Locally sourced

We proudly work directly with local farmers, to obtain the freshest and highest quality vegetables.

How the magic happens

We start with a commitment to healthy and great-tasting food.

We add the freshest ingredients and traditional fermentation techniques.

The results? More energy, better digestion, and enhanced overall well-being.

Sounds delicious

Fer-Real foods provide long-term relief for many chronic conditions, ranging from digestive issues to skin conditions to mental fatigue.

For best results, eat Fer-Real foods every day. Once in the morning on an empty stomach, and once with your main meal.

Fer-Real foods contain an average of 30 to 40 probiotic strains, providing the benefits of gut biodiversity.

A few weeks ago, we had a guest, my friend's 4-year-old daughter. I saw that she had terrible eczema on her arms and legs. I was sure her mother had tried everything. Well, almost everything, except your fermented foods. That night at dinner, when my family ate fermented green beans, I gave her some too. She loved it. I couldn't believe it when after just three days of eating the fermented foods SHE WAS CLEAR!! It was nothing short of a miracle!
Jacob Oberlender


You don’t need to “just live with it”

Experience increased energy, relief from discomfort and general well-being while enjoying tasty Fer-Real treats.